December 16th, 1997
Geffman Productions
Corporate Events Producers

To whom it may concern,

Geffman Productions is a company specialized in the production of corporate events such as galas, product launches, meetings etc...

In the context of one such event that we produced for Gaz Metropolitain here in Montreal, we had occasion to hire Marie-Josée Lévesque, trapeze artist.

Ms. Levesque was one of many performers in this particular event. We found her act to be breathtaking and entertaining. It was greatly appreciated by all. In addition, Ms. Lévesque was professional and available for the inevitable adjustments that are required in an event this size.

We wish Marie-Josée the best in all of her endeavors and would not hesitate to call upon her services again should the need arise.

Your truly,
Toni K. Newman
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