December 18th, 1997
Pizza and Pasta Bar

To whom it may concern,

Circo theater restaurant is an Italien restaurant which has the circus as thematic. Besides the interior decor that reflects the modern circus, we present circus acts daily. We also offer dinner show concepts for corporate meetings.

For the past three months, we have retained the services of Marie-Josée Lévesque as our artistic director. She organizes the dinner shows with top quality entertainers from Montréal, as well as performing her own trapeze act.

Besides the fact that her act on the trapeze is breathtaking, we find Ms. Levesque professional in her work as artistic director, always available, and with a solution to every logistic problem that occurs due to the conflict between preformers and resaurant services. That we must keep in mind to serve our clientelle well in every respect.

We highly recommend Marie-Josée Lévesque to anyone who wishes to present a special event or show involving circus performers.

We hope that Marie-Josée will be with CIRCO for a long time to come...

Your truly,
Pierre Paré
President, CIRCO
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