Washington trapeze
Marie-Josée Lévesque is the only artist in Canada to offer a Washington trapeze number, a circus discipline invented in the 1800s by Kaye Washington.

In this complex aerial act, the artist must balance him or herself on the head on the trapeze bar, thanks to a small “headrest” screwed down to the bar, and then launch into a series of balancing acts on the hands or feet.

In her eight-minute number, Marie-Josée performs a breathtaking choreography that puts her sense of balance, her flexibility and her physical strength to the test, while expressing her passion for her art and her joy of being a circus artist. Her performance is punctuated by the bewitching rhythms of an African-inspired piece of music.

This magnificent aerial testimony to the harmony between body and soul is perfectly suited to all kinds of corporate or private events.

Technical specs

• Required ceiling height: 22’ minimum

• Secure anchoring area on the ceiling that can support up to 1000 lbs

• Clear area under the trapeze

• CD player

• Genie lift or ladder to install and dismantle the equipment


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