Aerial curtain
Marie-Josée Lévesque offers a spellbinding aerial curtain number, a circus act invented in France in the 1990s.

In an aerial curtain number, the artist wraps himself or herself gracefully in a wide silky flowing piece of fabric, securely anchored to the ceiling. The artist then quickly unwraps himself or herself, plunging and free falling towards the ground in a series of spectacular choreographed movements. The magnificent aerial ballet thus created accents the artist’s flexibility, strength and sensuality.

Marie-Josée’s number lasts eight minutes and can be presented as a solo act, or in a duet or trio, as well as with or without a singer.

Ideal to add an unexpected touch of wonder to your corporate events.

Technical specs

• Required ceiling height: 20’ minimum

• Secure anchoring area on the ceiling that can support up to 1000 lbs

• Clear area under the curtain: 8’ in diameter

• CD player

• Genie lift or ladder to install and dismantle the equipment


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